Rachel Zakoura.

“It’s nothing short of a miracle that I get anything done amongst this mess! In case you were wondering – that is Rey Mysterio watching over me.”

A few things on my wall:

Ticket stub to a Cardinals game.
Ticket stub to the 75th Anniversary of the Christmas Spectacular at
Radio City.
Robin + Frank’s wedding announcement from the NY Times.
A pic my niece drew of us together.
Mom’s yearbook pic b/c what else is she going to do with them.
Backstage pass to the Police concert from ’08.
My ID from the Museum of Islamic Art – in Doha.
A framed pic of the Corner Bistro sign – from friend from work.
Misc event pics.
Oldie but goodie cards (birthday, thank you’s etc).
My conference call line password (don’t look!)

Rachel Zakoura is an Account Director at a Marketing Agency. She produces high ops productions– events for World Wrestling Entertainment, NASCAR, Oprah Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, TNT. You name it, Rachel’s done it.  FYD can attest: Rachel travels the world, loves tomato soup at Bread and the Kansas Jayhawks.

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