Josh Klimek.

My desk is seldom used as you can see by the simplicity and cleanliness.  Also, my home is up for sale and I have cleared my home of all unnecessary items, in an attempt to make the move out as quick as possible.  Soooo, if anyone is looking for a nice 3 bedroom, 11/2 bath, house with wood floors throughout, a large deck and a beautiful garden as well as a fully finished basement, let me know;)

Oh yeah, my neighbor is August Busch.”


-Pad of note taking paper

-Fighting Illini Players player clock (from the dugout club)
-2 golf balls (titleist 2, top-flight 4)

-a small penguin (though it looks like a white dot to the left)

-“yes” lip balm (citrus flavor)

-1 Chelsea Fc coaster (though if they choke away the title this year this won’t be part of my desk any longer)

-1 Budweiser coaster shaped as the state of MO.

– green lamp

Book – A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

Josh Klimek keeps it light on his desk. Kate knows him to pack a mean softball swing.

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