Philippe Lafitte.

“Saturday morning. Spring. The same in winter, but colder (no heating in this room). Always the same old mess. Pages, papers, Post-it, coffee and cigarettes (I know it’s bad…). Sandwiches. Sometimes a refuge, sometimes a golden prison… or a sweet nap area. But it’s my desk. I probably spend more times in it than elsewhere.”

Philippe Lafitte: I’m a French writer. Forty something. Living close to Paris. Loving travels. Writing novels, short stories, screenplays. Next issue : “Vies d’Andy”, a novel published by Le Serpent à Plumes editor (due next September, 2010).

A most excellent writer’s desk. Kate is most anxious to read Philippe’s new novel and thanks him for reaching out to share his desk (the first individual to do so).  Without knowing much, the Warholian cover (or wig/shades) is enough to pull me in; ditto the red backdrop.

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