Daryl Freimark.

“My desk for the last six months. Since transitioning back to an office, the amount of work I get done is better quality, more quantity and I’m able to separate work from home which has made a huge difference in lifestyle.  Not to mention renting an office and bag lunching it is actually cheaper than spending days at coffee shops and buying $10 sandwiches.  On the bulletin board in front of me is a list of my projects.  This list formerly resided in the bottom of my bag and now facing me every day it keeps me on task.  To my left is a bottle of water.  Usually it is a glass of water as my office comes with a water cooler (and plenty of water cooler chatter usually centered on baseball).  However, today I have strategically replaced my glass of water with a bottle of Smart Water with hopes they the “smart people” at Smart Water will take notice and sponsor me.  My headphones are also necessary as the office is shared and sometimes I need to play some music while others have work conversations around me.  Or I need to watch a movie and the headphones are a necessity for that too.  Missing from this picture is my blackberry, but that is because I used it to take the picture.”

Daryl Freimark is currently producing the short film SPECIAL THINGS TO DO and is raising financing for the feature film RECALLED. He has numerous other projects in development from culinary school comedies to western thrillers. Previously, he produced a music video, promo spots and industry interviews for the website MovieHatch.com.  Daryl also spent eight years at New Line Cinema where he was a co-producer on Hairspray.

It’s out of the vintage New Line years FYD knows Daryl; they also both lived (separately) in the Hells Kitchen nabe back in the late 1990’s.

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