Ben Deter.

“My desk is located in the lower level of stunning modern home Riverside, Illinois. I prefer a Wacom tablet to a mouse to help me work quickly and meet those tight deadlines. I think its important to dress accordingly at work. It can get quite warm in the summer so sleeves are clearly out of the question.”

Ben Deter is a graphic designer at Faust Associates in Riverside, Illinois. While at Faust he has collaborated on projects for McDonald’s, Deca Restaurant in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Pierre-Yves Rochon. While away from his desk he enjoys eating tacos. This is why he has to workout at his desk.

FYD would like a dupe of that champion megaphone, please. If not, a twelve pack of tacos will suffice.

On a completely different note: check out Soundsuitshop featuring products inspired by the work of artist Nick Cave.  Part commerce, part communication, part spectacle, the site is intended to make more widely visible and accessible the work of this internationally collected and followed self-described “trans-artist.”  Ben explains: “The site conveys the complexity, diversity and scale of his trademark Soundsuits as well as the intrigue of his performance and installations.”


(Soundsuitship site was designed by Faust Associates and the development was done by Robb Irrgang of Cartel Blanche.)

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  1. bob says:

    I see you’ve shot this very wisely. Your disproportionate mini-arm is completely out of site. Might I suggest two dumbbells in the future.

  2. Ben, you are such a beefcake.

  3. Jenny Yarrow says:

    i really like that megaphone

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