Deanna Dikeman.

“I have a great view of my backyard from my desk, so I get to watch my dog chase squirrels.  I was happy to take this photo because it caused me to clean up some of the clutter on my desk. I was working on a submission for a public art project last night (my best time to work is late at night) so the image of my dad and his tomato plants is up on the screen. I miss him a lot–he died last year. He was such a big part of my artwork. I’m glad I have all the photos of him but I feel a little lost as an artist right now.”

Deanna Dikeman has been an artist-photographer since 1985. Her largest body of work is about her family, especially her parents, in Sioux City, Iowa.  In 2008, Deanna received a $50,000 United States Artist Booth Fellowship.  Besides making art, her other passion is competitive ballroom dancing.

Luckily, Kate came across Deanna’s work at Kansas City’s Dolphin Gallery where her terrific and visually striking (wish my closet looked this colorized) Wardrobe Series was displayed. The reds, greys, yellows, pinks.  And, the furs. Competitive ballroom dancing?  Wow…originality scores!

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