Emily Sigall.

“Home desk. Brooklyn apartment. Building 10 years, this apartment 1 year.

Hanging on the wall to the right of the window is my Chinese paintbrush made of coral. My girl Athena brought this to me from Bejing. On desk: to the right of my beloved Imac, is an original Sandra Magsamen vase she threw herself and signed personally–it is inscribed with “your love makes me feel like a star”…also given to me by Athena. On the desk near the phone is a Barbara Kruger note cube. It’s from her untitled work “it’s a small world but not if you have to clean it”) 1990. She is one of my favorite artists and this little cube has been with me for over a decade. On the wall to the left of the desk are 2 pieces: one given to my by my sister. It’s a scribble with the printed word “artist.” The piece below is a watercolor done by my 5-year-old son Benjamin. On the adjacent wall is a painting of a calla lily I did in my late teens.

Emily Sigall is a native of Maryland who studied Art History and African American Studies at Bates College. Other loves include her son, daughter, her sweetie (whom she met in college), baking, fashion, movies, coffee, television, the color orange, all things design, Jonathan Adler, feminism, change, all things progressive, champagne, kickboxing.  She’s a mother who loves New York.

It’s safe to say Kate’s quite fond of Emily’s Me & Ro collection. She also likes the warm bask of light shining through the window. Her girl Athena sounds really nice. Emily is all heart, all New York.

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