Peter Pranschke.

“So after I read what everyone else had to say about their work space, I decided the thing to do was to photograph my desk unedited. However, I must confess this image is not a completely raw and undisturbed representation and I had to make several modifications for the space look half way presentable. Since my bed (not pictured) is also in this room and because I work nights, I removed the card board I usually have blocking the windows before taking this picture to negate the ugly fact that I actually live and work in a dungeon. I also took the time to put away all my bills, bank statements and EOBs that made up the top layer of the cluttered work surface in order to reveal the long neglected creative endeavors below. And finally, the shout out on the shade of the desk lamp was also added solely for the purposes of this image. I’m thinking I’ll probably keep it as a permanent feature though.”

Peter Pranschke is an artist living in Saint Louis.

Kate recalls when Jim Hodges chose Peter’s work (as one of his favorites from the flat files during his show at SLAM). Peter’s Flickr collection is must see viewing. I’m also the proud owner of one of his autobiographical cartoon narratives. Most of his work are ballpoint and colored pencils on cut paper. WHOA …The “Kate” desk lamp addition is insane to the level I’m giddy.

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