Jesse Brown.

FROM YOUR DESKS: Talk about your desk and its objects.
JESSE BROWN: I have a serious need for objects around me to be aligned in a way that works for me visually, sometimes this gets in the way of making new work, but I should also say thatthese photographs make it seem that my workspace is always this orderly, which isn’t necessarily the case.
Some of objects are past work of mine or things I’m currently working on, like the small ink drawings that are for a book of mine. Other items here just found their way to my desk, the cardboard tube organizer is an object I really love for its function and aesthetic, It was designed by Linsey Burritt of Indo Projects in Chicago.


FYD:  Talk to me about the two books on the desk.

JB: Books are usually an important part of my living and work spaces, but I just have a few here that I’m reading at the moment. One is a book of writings and interviews with artist Lawrence Weiner who I’m a huge fan of, maybe even more of what he has to say about art than his actual work. Another is a book of works by the collective Jan Family which no longer exists I think, it’s a beautiful book titled “Plans for Other Days” It was a gift from my girlfriend years ago and she kicks herself for not buying two copies, the book is now worth a fair amount of money.

I have a serious need for objects around me to be aligned in a way that works for me visually…

FYD:  How long have you been smoking P-Funks?

JB: My cigarettes are always near by, I’ve smoked for too many years to count.

FYD: What are you working on?

JB: I’m working on a book of drawings and getting ready to start animating some music video projects that will be happening this fall.

Jesse Brown is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Seattle, WA. His work has been exhibited at galleries from Los Angeles to New York, Tokyo, Berlin, London and Paris. Jesse’s work is an exploration in geometric forms, pattern, shape and repetition which display a very clean, graphic quality. He’s worked in mediums including drawing, painting, sculpture, limited-edition artist books, installation, video and textile works.

Jesse’s two blogs, Papers Vs Pencil and Man Made Lakes are both creative and diverting. His recent “Of Paper And Light, ” at  Coming Soon, included an installation of paper cut-out sculptures with original music to accompany the works.

Kate especially digs the P Funks on his desk (just that blue box, a nostalgic reminder of her own closet college smoker days) and his letterpress work, sculpture design and illustration (you can own your own Six Million Ways to Die print, which would perhaps remind me to write more). Shoot, I like it all.(1: Installation from “Of Paper And Light“) (2: Six Million Ways to Die; 2009. Letterpress print made at Post Family Chicago)

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