Harrison Haynes.

“I have a friend who is really good at nicknames. He gave the me the pen holder that says, ‘Hank’, which he sometimes calls me, inexplicably. It went with the ‘obsolete business office’ theme that I wanted for that corner of my studio.”Harrison Haynes is an artist and a musician who lives in Durham, North Carolina. He is the drummer for the NYC-based rock group, Les Savy Fav, and is currently an MFA candidate in Photography at Bard College. His work is included in The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl, which opened at the Nasher Museum of Art in September. Kate pegs Harrison as one of those guys who easily separates church and state. Artist by day. Drummer by night.

In the deep of the Adirondacks, circa 2007, Kate watched Harrison carve a tree fungus into a most perfect wedding gift. She asked him to elaborate, her memory was jumbled, as it was a party weekend of sorts.  Harrison instantly recalled the fungus as ‘turkey tails’ (aka Trametes versicolor) which includes a fond Adirondack tradition of “etching into the soft white underside to make a drawing”. “I think I drew a picture of that stone chimney ruins thing.”

This is when Kate knew she had a serious artist in her midst.  (Cannot wait to know more about Harrison’s recent sculpture work; see left)

Just ask the Frontier Casino in Vegas. LSF is banned for life.

And, not to overplay the brilliance of the New York Magazine Approval Matrix via the Les Savy Fav “Brilliant/Lowbrow” entry wherein “front man Tim Harrington nuzzles a male fan’s neck to the point of performance-art awkwardness at the band’s Mercury Lounge release party.”

On the record, Kate asked Harrison to “rank the said awkwardness from one to ten (being the highest).”

“Considering the spectrum of the live show antics, it was a 6, no higher. 9 is when security ushers Tim out of the place. Just ask the Frontier Casino in Vegas. LSF is banned for life.”

Man, a 9 is always a good night.  Especially in Vegas.

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