Terence Koh.

Terence Koh was born in Beijing, China, raised in Ontario and lives and works in New York. He started his career under the moniker “asianpunkboy,” which has since been retired. Koh is best known for his monochromatic (black or white) multimedia installations that have a punk and queer sensibility, though he works in a multitude of media–from sculpture to photography to performance–and a variety of materials that has included cocaine and his own semen. As a testament to the speed with which Koh’s career has risen, his first exhibition in New York was at the Whitney Museum of American Art, where Koh exhibited a blinding white spotlight inside the museum’s lobby.

After sending a few emails, “pretty please” uttered quite frequently, and reminding him my favorite colour was black (always) I remained almost dreadfully persistent. I happily received Terence’s desk yesterday.  It’s perfect. I swoon…♥♥♥♥♥♥ the email note:

deer kate
happy dae
oo, tea

deer diary

strange dream

stranger time space

feel crawling

a rope between

29th nov’10. nyc

Read more of Terence’s lovely diary entries.

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  1. Julie says:

    That lamp is so perfect. I am such a sucker for grainy, brooding black & white photographs.

    His “Snow Black” piece is very stunning up close as well.

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