Kate Donnelly.

(1: John Derian “Spider Web Dome” paperweight (thanks, KK), Hermes Africa Plate, Marcel Dzama Action Figure, Jo Malone cologne sample, Me & Ro Rings, rogue stamps from my stamp collection (thanks, Grandpa), Cybill (Shepard) pin enclosed after a letter I penned circa 1992, Chanel Cocktail Ring found in the parking lot of Sportsman’s, Cross Pin from First Communion. Matchbooks from: Freemans Alley, Minetta Tavern and The Bowery Hotel, all NYC).

(2: 20×200 “Trash Mountain” print by artist Megan Whitmarsh, envelope from actor Jimmy Stewart circa 1992, a MatchBox Land Rover White Defenender 110-1997, Hoola Girl from my 25th Birthday Party (thanks RH), John Derian paperweight).

Kate Donnelly is a Kansas City native and New Yorker at heart. She’s not afraid of organized clutter. Move things around for a fresh perspective.

Let’s get this thing going.

She’d like to see your desk, please.

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  1. On my desk: I’d send it to you, but it wont fit.
    On how I keep it: Its a mess, but I agree, shift it about 2-3 different ways and its art.
    On how you keep your desk: Nice selection. Momentos and things that keep you personally energized. That’s all that matters in the end!

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