Katie Lee.

Katie Lee (nope, she’s not Billy Joel’s ex-wife) is the Pizza baroness of Saint Louis.  Her shop, Katie’s Pizza has a hip, super welcoming West Village-like vibe situated in the heart of Saint Louis. Everyone comes to dig on the salads, insane pizzas and I always knock it back with a cold Peroni.

Katie tells me she “can’t live without water and coffee..and post-it notes…and facebook”  That’s a pretty nice diet.

This is fresh style farm food, fantastic portions and great pizzas. Katie’s a self taught chick who bounced over to Italy to learn the process.  The result?

A Saint Louis gem not to be missed.  That goes for you too, Bill Murray!

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  1. Good advice! Thanks! Next time I go, I’ll look for her place!
    – Smarmy

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