Leigh Harris.

Cyndi Lauper Album (“She’s So Unusual”)- a gift, childhood idol. Wild boar skull eating Sock Monkey – boar hunted by Dave in Alabama, Sock Monkey belongs to the pup, Lionel. Toto Cube light. Morel mushrooms in jar collected last spring outside Saint Louis. Derringer pistol usually kept in lady’s stocking
sculpture from Gringo Jone’s Imports. Japanese woodblock print in frame by Hokusai.

(wall color – Caribbean breeze)

Leigh Harris is raw talent.  She taught in Japan, has real go-go fashion sense, vivid imagination (stories are brilliantly insane) and a contagious laugh. She’s colorful and takes excellent photographs.


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  1. I love the wall color. No wonder her stories are so vivid. Its osmosis!
    – Smarmy

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