Maureen Cavanaugh.

Maureen Cavanaugh is a painter from Omaha, Nebraska.  She lives and work in Brooklyn, NY and recently had a solo show at Sibley Gallery in New Orleans, Louisiana. From April 2nd thru May 8th; do NOT miss her work at Talk Show- Edward Thorp Gallery. She gives a great chat with The Love List (see below):

“The whole process of making a painting. I work in oil on canvas. Some under painting is done in acrylic. The paintings start from a general idea of space and posing, and then I draw it outs sometime in a drawing but sometimes just direct on the canvas. I work very directly with little information or plan for the painting and then they develop in the process of painting them. My references for the paintings come from many different sources; life, pictures of family and friends, nature and referencing historical paintings as well as completely imagined people and places.”


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  1. I like that you are not afraid of definite darks. I always was. And that you, in your example piece, used outlining. It really helps to define the area. I wonder if you layer your backgrounds at all?! I wish I could devote time to it myself.

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