Zachary Cramberg.

Zachary Cramberg is one clean, organized Saint Louisan.  This vintage tanker desk certainly proves the point. Z resides with his massive, friendly golden retriever Gus.  He rocks a mean summer patio scene where he’s known to throw a BBQ or two.  He also landscaped and laid his own brick work.  He’s almost a certifiable mason.

Laid back…

The turtle?  “The deal with the tortoise is two fold…I’m a fellow Cancerian therefore connected to our friends in the water. Secondly it seemed poignant for the office because in myth and folklore the tortoise is a sign of determination and longevity.”

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  1. Ooh! Come do my house. Especially if you like a challenge. Better yet, do the Laotians next door. They need a small drive to their back yard.
    P.s. Love the turtle, but I bet the dog is just as cute.

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