Craig Olson.

Old pine desk
Folle stapler
Folle one-handed tape dispenser
Solid aluminum pencil sharpener from Germany
Red leather beanbag paperweight shaped like a Retriever.  Bills underneath.
FAF Notepad from France
Pencil cup is a coffee mug from the excellent Munich souvenir shop Servus Heimat.  I broke the handle off but couldn’t throw it out.
Montblanc pen that was a gift from an old girlfriend (!)
Tolomeo lamp.  The best.
Pentagram calendar.

Craig Olson is the proprietor of Canoe and hangs his boots in a great house in Portland, Oregon.  He’s got a biting, wry sense of humour and isn’t afraid of anyone.  Remodelista propped Canoe out in Steal This Look and it gets hit and hit again and again.

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  1. I’m jealous.

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