Jessica Wingate.

The Recap:  Jessica’s office is also her dining room table (which in itself is a piece of art sans a small candle burn mark).  Her “actual desk” is a mess from taxes and there’s no time to sort things out.  March is always pretty brutal.

Pippi (the fantastic cat) will be bummed with JW’s back in the work stratosphere, “because she sits like this for hours a day.  In fact, at times, I think she thinks she is actually working too.”

The Jessica Wingate accolade tree is too long to detail.  FYD highlights a few here: massive design stints, travel to places far and below, wine country drinking ability, adventuresome culinary roots, terrariums, love of cats, Swedish meatballs, nice handbags, great laugh, an excellent hostess to travellers who never want to leave her Portland, Oregon abode.

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  1. I admire a fellow adventurer, whether it be tastebuds or travel. And cats, no matter what some may say, are always a good accessory.
    – Smarmy

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