April Seager.

“My desk isn’t actually a desk, but this is where I work.

Over the last few years, I’ve converted to minimalism. I prefer living in an open space where my mind can wander.

Pictured: .: My journal, where I dream and despair several times a week. .: The September 2009 issue of The New Yorker. The subscription belongs to a friend, and so I’m always behind. No matter — The New Yorker’s content is timeless. .: A Ball Perfect Mason jar. It just seems fitting to drink water out of something the color of the ocean. .: My chair (a luxury) and my laptop (an appendage). .: A bottle of Bonarda (red wine is my soul mate).”

April Seager recently moved to Chicago, where she is an instructor at the Goethe-Institut and freelance writer.

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  1. jessika miekeley says:

    yes, this was me, the new yorker friend. 2009, now 2012 and i still miss you. hope to see you in dc sometime for a visit.

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