Stosh Mintek.

From Left to Right, you’ll see:

– A red folder w/ the notes and scraps I’m keeping for my current book project.
– My notepad, keys, MetroCard, and various sundries.
– My trusty MacBook Pro.
– Two contraptions (cell phone & iPod shuffle) in bad need of recharging.
– An Ikea lamp.
– Coffee! (the only really crucial desktop accessory)

Overhead, a very cool gift from my sister: a photo she took in Tbilisi, Georgia, where she lives and works helping those displaced by the recent conflict with Russia. (It helps remind me just how hard one must keeping working, if one wants to make a difference.)

Stosh Mintek is a writer, filmmaker, and is the Director of Development & Special Projects at the Ghetto Film School.

FYD memo: The Ghetto Film School is one to champion. Get involved. Get on it. NOW!

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