Betsy Kidd.

Tidbits from Betsy: “With some strategic framing, my desk doesn’t look too bad.  What you can’t see is the 8” stack of tax receipts waiting to be filed on my adjoining desk.  The dual monitors also provide a nice screen of  the clutter from this angle.  (I can’t live without 2 monitors, although now I’m lobbying for 3).  A quick aligning of my files and my desk was photo-ready! “

Another great tidbit about the desk’s contents: “some broken stems from my floral arranging practice this past weekend.  I agreed to do my sister-in-laws flowers for her wedding next month.  It’s been many years since I worked in a flower shop so I need all the practice I can get.  The 3 high-priority files with green rubber band are labeled:  LINDSAY’S WEDDING, HOME RENOVATION and TRAVEL.  The travel folder is indeed for work.  We’re headed out next week for our NY Fashion Career Fair.

Betsy Kidd,  a proud New Jersey native living in Saint Louis, owns and operates; the best resource for fashion industry talent and employment.  She works with her husband, Chris, seven employees and their company mascot, a Jack Russell called Stuart. Betsy’s extremely stylish and easygoing. Nice mixture if you ask me.

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