Betsy Leonhardt.

Shot #1 – My desktop buddies, complete with John Adams (My husband and I have a large collection of the Kid Robot Dunnys at home, so I swap them out occasionally when we get multiples of the same little guys). Shot #2 Overall View of Desk. Shot #3 – Round one of showing my pride – my cheesehead.  Midwest and proud. Shot #4 – Round two of showing my (our) pride – the husband and I decked out in Yankees gear.  Also, note the pin in front of my phone – it says “2nd Place” and was given to my by the lovely Ms. Christina Means.  It makes me smile. Shot #5 – Just for fun, a picture of the adorable Tricia Bitter that I’m lucky enough to sit next to each day.

Betsy Leonhardt is Studio Operations Coordinator at Design Within Reach.  She’s as thorough as they come.  She’s also a Midwesterner living in San Francisco.  She likes collectibles and was recently married to what looked like one great party.

Kate respects Betsy’s love of the New York Yankees, Tricia Bitter and her gadgetry to which Kate was responsible for the sole Marx president on board.

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