Jesse Hufft.

“Holding my own in the world of architecture and design while trying to run the everything but AutoCAD/Revit show for ourshow for our midwestern based firm ‘Hufft Projects’, custom fabrication shop ‘Make Studios’ as well as our debut furniture line ‘Edwin Blue’ . My desk at any moment holds multiple blue and black Pilot extra fine pens and different colored highlighters and stickers with matching folders to keep track of the different companies I am involved with – color coding keeps me organized! Also, being 4 1/2 months pregnant, there are an array of snacks available to get me through the day.”

Jesse Hufft is CEO, Marketing Director – Hufft Projects/ Make Studios / Edwin Blue.

FYD on the record: Hufft Projects is the favorite firm; period.  Check out their site, they’re doing insane work. And, they have added a smart, well-designed furniture line of handmade modern, Edwin Blue. Nothing is too weighty for this team.

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