Debra Bass.

“Occasionally, my desk looks spotless and orderly, but that’s usually only when I’m feigning writer’s block.You can’t quite see the second book, but my laptop is stacked on top of two thick books in my attempt at ergonomics: a 2006 edition of “Writer’s Market: Where & How To Sell What You Write” and “You, Being Beautiful: The Owner’s Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty,” co-written by the Oprah-approved physician duo (I skimmed it for work, not self-esteem).”

Among the other items on my desk:
Consumer Reports” blurbs about the essential small vegetable chopper and SLR cameras.
Note cards that I’m using to storyboard a novel.
Random beauty serum that I’m testing for work.
Interview notes.
Bills to be paid or disputed.
Photos of friend’s kids and goofy party pics.
Chords for ear phones, iPods and cell phones.
Reminders to send thank you cards.
A mini-can of WD-40 because my metal desks squeaks sometimes
My miniature ceramic yellow labrador. His name is Murray.

Debra Bass works as the fashion editor for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch,

FYD says, Make no mistake, Debra’s one tall, stylish woman.

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