Rocio Romero.

“I work in a lot of places, but this is my “office desk”.  It is the desk where I sit down to get organized, communicate, and review important work.  To the left, I have all 3 phones (cell, work, and home line), post it notes and pens.  In the center, I have my computer which I use primarily for email and calendar. To the right, I have papers and drawings that I need to review as soon as possible. To the far right is a box with less important things I need to eventually get done.  I look at that box once a week.  Next to that box is a frame with 2 pictures. The frame has a picture of a man who was the first person I had to prosecute a trademark infringement case against, and my attorney gave it to me as a joke.  Below it, I place loose pictures that I have recently taken.  Currently, it is one of me, my husband, my sister, and her husband.  Behind all of this is a raised relief map of the world, which I love to look at.”

Rocio Romero is a Chilean-American who is actively involved in residential home design and construction in the United States and Chile. Ms. Romero has a prefabricated home line called the LV home series. Her other design work includes commercial interiors, furniture design, and a mobile art gallery.

After a live viewing, FYD assures you the relief map, is in fact, fantastic to look at.  Make no mistake, Rocio is a bright, experienced woman whose CV covers custom design work and prefab.  If you are hanging in Missouri; don’t miss her open LV Tour in Perryville.

Photo: Rocio and her husband Cale on the cover of Dwell Magazine.

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