Diana Kim.

Here’s my home desk. I know it’s a bit odd how tidy it is, but it gets cleared every night because it’s also my dining table.”

The details:

-12 inch MacBook, white
-Doric column candleholders
-Jenny Holzer wooden cards (framed)
-Ralph Lemon drawing (framed)

Diana Kim is co-owner of Stand Up Comedy (Portland, OR), a shop for clothing, print matter, objects, and projects. Its interest lies in content as a form of inquiry, rather than as a specific aesthetic. Its method is one of decentering. Its structure is made up of default rules. Its output is variable and relational. Its name is reference to a strategy for looking at the world we live in now.

FYD Adds: Stand Up Comedy is the place to go for fashion, white rap and waterproof red heels. They recently collaborated with the Whitney Museum to produce a smart, practical and cool Book Bag.

It’s easy (one-two-three): Support the museum, the store and the bag.

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