John Myers.

“What is on my desk: A Nikon microscope with a camera lucida attached, gin, specimens of Astargalus bisulcatus var. bisulcatus, coffee, a Tachikawa ink pen, 0.3 mechanical pencil, kneaded rubber erasers, monitor, mouse pad from the La Brea Tar Pits. The desk was designed (and built by J. Scheu) to store plant specimens and hold a heavy microscope stand. There is plenty of surface area to work: spread out and look at plants specimens (or to have dinner and watch shit on Hulu).

I love my desk, literally, there is a 5 cm opening…never mind.”

John Myers lives in Willamette Valley, Oregon. He’s an illustrator, usually pertaining to plant taxonomy.

FYD digs the Hitchcockian birds-eye view.  John is an excellent host, cook and grand master oyster chucker.  He knows great sake and wine alike. Expect to drink both at his house. His dog Phinney rocks.

John’s illustration of Salix ovalifolia.

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