Jennifer Mahanay.

“My world–Monday through Friday–this little space of 1440 W Hubbard. Numerous cups of coffee join me at my desk (mixed with just the right amount of Half and Half) as I make my way through layouts of design catalogs for upcoming auctions. Charlie can’t sneeze, Zach eats chocolate chip cookies from the Green Grocer, we discuss the cover for the Important Design catalog. It’s a little warm in the cave but we’re cozy at our desks. There are smiles on our faces; we are listening to Ace of Base.”

Jennifer Mahanay is the graphic designer at Wright auction house in Chicago IL. She is really excited about the trip she’s planning this summer, backpacking through Yosemite and Utah’s Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks.

Jennifer seems to have the great day job. The recent April Eames auction and graphically toned (read: insanely cool) catalog inspired FYD to reach out to Jennifer to participate. Thankfully, she agreed. You are amiss if you don’t subscribe to Wright’s catalogs.

Side note: From JM’s description of office life; it’s fair to say these guys know their pop culture.

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