Jean-Phillipe Delhomme.

“This is my desk. 3 big white tables bought at Ikea in Newark. The white chair comes from CB2 in Soho. And although it can be seen clearly, there’s my painting or drawing stool in the shadow: a drummer seat, purchased at Guitar Center on 14th street. Certainly the best stool I ever had. There is a Macbook Pro for writing in the distance. 2 nice designed white speakers (out of frame) are plugged in.  Next to the IPhone, there’s an American Apparel tee-shirt converted into a rag for my brushes. That day, I was using gouache. The work in progress is an invitation to a show at Danziger Project to start june 9th. The gouache is Winsor and Newton, the brushes are Martre Kolinski, and the paper is Arches. When I work on the “Unknown Hipster”, I use color pencils. The pot for water bears a sticker  “Bonne Maman, strawberry preserve”, a French brand that I’ve always used for this purpose (as a water pot). Some people, particularly artists, like to work in clutter, and freak out at the idea of order. I like my table to be as clean and empty as possible when I start working in the morning. If that’s possible, I ‘d want my desk to be just like a blank page every new day.”

Jean-Phillipe Delhomme has been illustrating and painting for magazines and ad campaigns, publishing books of drawings (The Cultivated Life, Rizzoli), writing novels (in French) and is the author of  “The Unknown Hipster” blog.

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  1. Jennifer Hartman says:


    I am enchanted with your work.

    I would love to buy a piece of your work, is that possible?

    I always give your book, The Cultivated Life, as a gift to friends.

    You have enriched my life with your style and your wit.

    Thank you

    Jennifer Hartman

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