Megan Moran.

“My desk where I work in SoMa in San Francisco. It holds my baby laptop that has internet and a normal sized computer that has quick books on it. My boss does not want the quickbooks computer online because she’s old school and doesn’t want our records to be contaminated, stolen, who knows.

My favorite part of my workspace are the pictures of my beloved puppies Colette and Emma. I also have my ill translated French mug that Andy (husband) bought me when we first started dating. It has a pill with hearts coming out of it and in French reads…

je veux etre tomber amoureux avec to ma cherie,

which translates to “I want to be falling in love with you. my darling.” Hysterical. Makes no sense and the pill with hearts! Amazing.  I have my Barbie day planner that Roxy got me, lipstick, a mirror (vanity smurf!) and my pad for taking down floral orders.”

Megan Moran now works at a floral studio as an office manager and lives in San Francisco.

Kate’s always admired Megan’s good vibes, winning attitude and flawless movement, re: going with the flow. She knows Megan from Design Within Reach (DWR) where some back + forth emails were spent pondering cocktails after work. Please keep in mind these two ladies worked in separate states, thousands of miles apart. Back in those days, ahhh, it’s fair to say this one usually needs to unwind after punching the clock like we did. Red wine and champagne.

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