Anne Schuermann.

“My desk is actually a stainless prep table, which arrived in one flat box that I then assembled myself without tools (thanks, men!)  When I took this photo I was finishing up making semifreddos, and about to fill push pops.  This was a rather busy day, but the table in general is a total mess from the time we walk in until 5 o’clock when we head out.  I had to stand on a chair and turn on the lights to get a decent shot.  (We keep the lights off since it gets so hot in here during the summer)  What you can’t see is that this table has a shelf under it, supporting about 125 lbs. of baking supplies, again, assembled without the use of tools.  It could all come crashing down some day, but hey, that’s life.”

Anne Schuermann, self-taught baker extraordinaire behind-the-scenes at Restaurant Pi, where Obama is known to throw down Chicago deep dish.  She also has some excellent photos of the said President (indeed a nice looking fellow). Make no mistake, this girl Ohio native bakes with a wicked sense of duty and humor.

Kate really hunted Anne (to the point of stalking?) for her desk; she’s thrilled with the end product.

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