Mickey Smith.

“What a lovely surprise to photograph my desk this morning and learn that I may really have everything I need right here.

This (unstaged, I swear) photograph is a shocking reflection of how I would like to work every day. Instead of wading through email, I’m creating a spread for the next issue of The Last Magazine. A lens sits out as I prepare to photograph an installation uptown. Both hard drives are running. The surface of my desk is always clean, the true mess is hidden inside of the glowing boxes. The photo of the little girl in the plaid pants and fuzzy purple slippers is me… What you can’t see is that I’m holding up a nice walleye.”

Mickey Smith is an artist and photographer. Three years ago she left a cavernous studio in Minneapolis to work from a corner of her Manhattan apartment. For now, her studio triples as a nursery and bedroom. Mickey’s next series, Leather Filler, will open at Invisible-Exports in New York this fall.

Kate appreciates and admires Mickey’s leap from Minneapolis to Manhattan. What is space?  Kate’s also fortunate enough to own a limited print of Mickey’s “Word Study” from 20×200 (most sold out quickly). Hey, words have meaning. Survey says, don’t miss your chance.

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