Patricia Shackelford.

“When I finish xxxx, I’m going to clean up this mess and send a picture to Kate.

But, I never really cleaned up the mess. So, finally, I came to terms with reality and took a picture of messy desk, and that is what you have here.

I spend a lot of time at my desk. You can’t tell from this picture, but my desk is at the back of the room and I look through to the front of the house. My boxer, Rosie, sleeps on the window seat there and she and I spend a good little bit of our day looking out at the world going by. There is a constant stack of books to the left, both those that I am considering for review and ones that I am trolling through for some well remembered image that I just can’t seem to put my hands on. I still keep a paper calendar as it is the easiest and quickest method I can find to keep myself straight, though I am irrationally attached to my Blackberry. I nearly always have a glass of water close at hand and have found no everyday glass that I love better than these by CB2. They are both chic and cheap.

The red dog ball in the lucite box is a reminder that trying new things, even new things that don’t make sense, is often a good thing. Oddly, buying that dog ball led to beginning my blog on interior design. In a nutshell, I stopped in a lovely shop to buy the dog ball and ended up with a job at their sister antique shop. Which led to a little slow-afternoon blog reading, which led to my starting Mrs Blandings three years ago.

I’m including an image of the message my three boys left not too long ago. It’s a snapshot of the constant injustice with which they have to deal.”

Kate is a massive fan of Mrs Blandings site along with her recent (well-deserved) Elle Decor profile on Kansas City (the fantastic Nelson addition pictured left). Dear Patricia: Thank you for buying the red dog ball! By the way, this is hardly a messy desk and the notes from your boys are priceless. Cheers, Kate.

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  1. Kate – thank you so much for inviting me to join you here. Honestly, that was what my desk looked like after I tidied it a bit. It’s far worse right now.

  2. pve says:

    Behind every delightful lady should be a dog at the window and a desk that is unique and personal. I love that it looks real and also like knowing that looking out the window at the world going by is allowed, in between reading, scouting, writing and being entertained with notes from the sons and co.

  3. Virginia says:

    I have something that Mrs. Blandings has! A desk very much like hers! As I sit at MY desk it’s delightful to know I have a kindred spirit clicking away at her keys. Love that Mrs. B!

  4. Susan Windsor Jones says:

    Kate, I miss your witty DWR emails. I’m so glad you and Patricia connected on this project. It is fascinating.
    Patricia, the notes are brilliant. You might have to frame them.

    • katarinadonn says: (Author)

      Thanks, Susan and thanks for telling me about Patricia and her wonderful site! You are up next! Kate.

  5. My dog is at my feet, but truly all desks need to come equipped with a dog of some sort.

    Your desk — in its “messy” state — makes mine look like a bag lady on her way to the homeless shelter.

    The notes are so adorable.

  6. Charles E. Mac Kay says:

    Do you actualy live in one of the Dream Houses? I live in Scotland and the film is a family favourite. Mrs Blandings is a joy and her little house modifications are a centre for laughter – What have you done? All I did was take four pieces of flagstones …… for a nice stone floor, Is that all you did? etc. It still has us in laughter
    An untidy desk is a mark of a genius

  7. this made me miss you Patricia! I love your office. I seem to always gravitate in there when I’m visiting.

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