Don Hamerman.

“As you can see, Kate, I cleaned and straightened just about nothing before shooting this photo. Didn’t even put cool images on the computer screens...”

No tricks, no manipulation, no styling.

FROM YOUR DESKS: What a stellar photograph; how did you shoot it (camera, lens, time of day?)

DON HAMERMAN: A Canon 5DMkII  15mm fisheye lens, midday.

FYD: Baseballs.  Your series is amazing.  I own two of your prints from 20×200 ; how did you decide to deconstruct the balls?

DH: I didn’t decide to deconstruct the balls, each one is shot as found.  No tricks, no manipulation, no styling. Which prints do you own?

FYD: The Rawlings and Thread 2 print. Do you like baseball and then the all important question….Yanks or Mets? 

DH: I sort of like baseball, and I’m kind of a Yankees fan, but I couldn’t name the starting lineup… well, not the whole lineup. Yankees! 

FYD: Thank you for saying that!

Don Hamerman is a photographer based in Stamford, Connecticut, not far from New York City. He Hamerman works both on location and in his natural-light filled studio in an old factory building.For over 20 years Don has shot for design firms, ad agencies, multi-national corporations, and educational institutions of all sizes. Don has forged long-term working partnerships with many clients who count on his professionalism, integrity and unique sense of humor to capture memorable moments in photographs. Whether patiently waiting for the right light to filter through a window, reacting quickly to a frenzied event, or eliciting a chuckle from a stoic Nobel scientist, Don’s creative approach dovetails with the client’s creative vision.Having published two coffee-table photo books, Don has expertise in color management and pre-press and can help clients achieve the best printing results possible.Awards: yes.

Kate notes Don’s visceral blog is always inspiring over morning coffee.  His prints make great additions or gifts, certainly to this Yankees girl and baseball fan. Certainly don’t miss what’s left @ 20×200. Don’t wait around too long either.

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