Nic Fensom.

“Am quite stoked on my makeshift ultra long desk. Using aluminum sawhorses as the legs and glass for the top, I’ve pieced together my desk that now sits at about 30 feet in length. The desk takes over my entire studio apartment and it’s always covered in crap as you can see. I have no couch, no TV, and no space really for anything other than this desk. My spot isn’t ideal for having people over, unless you want to pull up a chair and get to work. Free wireless internet for all my guests though!

Productivity is always up and have this desk to thank.The most important things on the desk are my phones, cameras, incense chamber (blue glass bottle), and obviously my computer setup. The Last Supper skateboard series by Supreme is the only art on the wall. Notes, bills, magazines, paper, clothes, empty cups, negatives, and many other things that need to be put away scatter the glass which is in much need of a Windex. There are some really rad days when all the planning and producing comes to life or anytime a cheque arrives.”

My spot isn’t ideal for having people over, unless you want to pull up a chair and get to work.

Having worked as photo editor for various publications ever since his university newspaper days, Nic Fensom now goes all out on his own magazine Sneeze (new website launching with fall issue), a skate/street culture poster-size publication with worldwide distribution. Nic has shot for companies like Nike, Burton, Ducati, and various pop-culture magazines. Currently, he’s finishing up the fall issue of Sneeze and blocking out the winter issue set for a special Art Basel release in Miami. Although he prefers the east coast — having lived in New York and Montreal — Nic is currently based in his hometown of Vancouver.

Kate proclaims in the most non-generic sense of the Beastie lyrics, Nic has the skills to pay the bills.  His snaps capture the old, raw essence of NYC– they appear almost dateless. Maybe they just remind me of the good ole’ days. Dig on well-represented Yankee hats collection on a fair amount of his subjects. The skateboard culture feels alive, intertwined perfectly with fashion and art.

Hat tip.

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