Michael Poindexter.

“Always keep a sharp pencil,” Dr. Walter Schaer (my guru)

Michael Poindexter, Designer. A graduate of Auburn University’s Industrial Design program, Michael has worked in both consulting and corporate environments.  Fresh out of school, he headed to “busse design ulm” in Ulm Germany. While in Germany he designed products ranging from fire trucks to baby seats. After his European experience, he moved to New York where he worked for Henry Dreyfuss Associates, Machinert, Louis Nelson Associates, Coby Electronics, ION Design as well as freelancing throughout the metropolitan area before starting his own firm, dxp, llc. Seeing a gap in the market, dxp, llc spawned the SafeGarment line of security products.  Michael’s been recognized by the ISDA idea awards for excellence in design. He holds design and utility patents for products in several categories. From 2004-2006, Michael served as Vice-Chairman of the IDSA/NYC chapter. At present, Michael is busy bringing several products to market for various clients under his new company name POINDEXTER.

Beyond respect for his professional career, Kate kicked it with Michael back on the ole Spring Street barrio (before it became er, commercial) where he also produced various (and crucial) underground documents of the time.  My personal favorite is a bumper sticker which remains a constant charm in my life, “Foam Free in 03” a subtle, direct campaign to end trucker hats, especially that of the John Deere variety. In fact, Kate embarked on a tagging campaign of various hipster hangouts including some of her favorite eateries where hats were spotted.

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