Lauren Gibbes.

“My husband (Jason Weatherspoon) and I recently moved back to Asheville, NC after 3 years in NYC. We are still getting settled in, but my desk is actually one of the few areas totally set up.  I got it from my grandmother a few years ago and really love it.  I’m mostly painter but I also do some assemblage using altered found objects. I love thrift store shopping so the assemblage sort of functionalizes my collecting habit. Most of what you see around my desk (and in my house for that matter) will probably end up in a piece eventually. I made the curtains a couple of weeks first venture into sewing in almost 10 years. My desk overlooks the front porch and our little fledgling garden.”

Lauren Gibbes was born in Columbia, SC and currently lives and works in Asheville, NC. She has a BFA from University of North Carolina at Asheville.  Gibbes is currently represented by galeria bickar.  Her work has appeared in New York Magazine, Art In America, San Francisco Weekly, and New York Times Style Magazine among others.

Kate loved Lauren’s work after reading the New York Times T Magazine profile on Asheville. Since then, she’s been following Lauren’s original, strikingly visual and elegant high meets low glamour pieces.  To Kate, Lauren’s work often evokes a 1970’s Southern feel, perhaps even of the Dynasty era, one mixed with perverse femininity and of course, money.  Add this with poppy hints of color, power players and beautiful horses.  (above: “The Free One” oil on canvas over panel 40″ x 40″ x3“.  Right: “PHASE SEVEN” OIL ON PANEL 22″X 48″X 4″ 2005)

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