Christina Vantzou.

“In this case my desk is my dining table.  I’ve opted for the home studio for the past ten years and only have occasional moments of self analysis about whether I get out enough due to the home/studio overlap. I have a desk in my bedroom where I work on music, and I often work sitting up in bed. This photo of my dining table was taken earlier this year, after I bought these archival markers (Faber-Castell Pitt Big Brush Artist Pens). When they arrived on the shelf of my local art supply in Brussels, I felt a longing for them.  I tested and studied the colors, saved up, and purchased 13 of them.   To the right with the purple spine is the artwork of a friend, Maya Hayuk.  I also collect images off the internet which I print  out every so often and sort into plastic sleeves.  I’m a big fan of the stationery store: plastic sleeves, binders, paper, boxes, and generally anything paper storage related.  I have a blue hole punch sitting out just past the books.  This is for filing things away in the binder that is sitting on the far left of the table (cropped out of the photo). On the far right is a teal spiral bound resonance repatterning workbook.  I’ve kept that close by for about a year since I took a RR workshop from my friend Bobbie Martin in Kansas City.  The black box near the top of this pile is a Pierre Marcolini chocolate box.  In Brussels, this is an easily recognizable item.  The box is exceptional.  I store pens in mine.”

Christina Vantzou is an artist based in Brussels, Belgium.  She makes drawings, prints, music, videos,  animations, and installations. Christina’s work explores the mechanics of time and extraordinary moments in everyday life.  She does this by monitoring her own sense of reality and time, a perceptual thing which is constantly changing. She uses text, image, and sound to investigate and document this perception.Christina co-founded the audiovisual project The Dead Texan(Kranky Records), has toured with Sparklehorse, and has created videos for Interpol, Tokion magazine, and MTV Netherlands. Christina’s drawings, prints, and collages have developed alongside her music career and her first solo record is currently underway, a project that will culminate in the release of a full length album with videos/animations and a book.

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