Promila Shastri.

“My “office” occupies the landing of the loft-like house I share with my husband.  It’s a fairly wide space, open on both sides, with a lovely view of our wooded property. The light that enters this space throughout the day is ever-changing, but somehow always perfect, and this is primarily where I do my blogging, corresponding and mostly anything that requires solitude.

My work space reveals a great deal about my penchant for a tightly edited environment. The desk, mostly glass, is a 14-year old, $100 Ikea find. Note that my obsession with newspapers, sadly, can’t be disguised beneath a glass desk. My chair–a recent birthday gift from my family–is one of my prized possessions: George Nelson’s 1958 Swag Leg chair, by Herman Miller.  I love everything about this chair:  the distinctive shape, the creamy color, its ideal size and ergonomics–and its ageless beauty.

I’m quite certain that my iMac with 22″ screen, the aluminum, wireless keyboard, and wireless mouse were all designed with me in mind.On one end of the my work space is a framed poster by the Dutch design studio, Experimental Jetset, made for the Gary Hustwit movie, Helvetica. On the other end is an enlarged Vivaldi ampersand. A few years back, I had a minor preoccupation with Vivaldi (the font, not the composer), and this is the remaining vestige of that period. I’ve always wanted to work in a place that conveys both a sense of serenity and exhilaration–and I have to admit that my unconventional little office fulfills that desire, flaws and all.”

Promila Shastri is a graphic designer by training, who decided to forego the marketing/advertising world three years ago to indulge in her own creative pursuits. Her blog, STILL LIFE, is a digital extension of a lifelong habit–collecting ephemera on art and design–and attempts to address her twin passions of visual & literary expression.

Kate luckily stumbled across Promila via blind luck.  Via the desk, Kate selected two different angles liking the play on time between 5:07-5:11; a time-table of what elapsed between those four minutes. (1:Self-promotional brochure/poster by the New York-based design studio, Hinterland and 2: An Example of Vladimir Koncar’s Diary Type Project, an experimental typographical exploration derived from collected materials.)

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