Bradford Shellhammer.

My desk is styled, at all times, as if it was to be photographed. I see visually and parts of my home are framed and created for maximum visual impact. Especially my desk. Because I write a lot I surround myself with color and items -toys, posters, electronics, art- to distract me. To fight off boredom. So I have constant visual inspiration.

I sit at a Blu Dot Strut table and have an Eames Aluminum Group desk chair in orange wool. My file cabinet is an Ikea. The flooring is an industrial grade Flor tile -good because I often spill the food at my desk and also I love the scratchy texture on my feet.

The office is in a nook of the apartment and we (Georgi, my boyfriend, and I) painted it very dark. There is no natural light but we make up for that with bright things. I love things! And my boyfriend does not, so the office is where my collections and current-obsessions get to live.

What you see in these pics, in no particular order:

-my two computers: MacBook Pro 17 inch which I use here and an Air which I take to and from work
-Harmon Kardon speakers I have had for almost ten years and they’re still my favorites
-pencils and pens in old jars
-colored boxes full of receipts and notecards
-sketchbooks and Moleskins
-an old Campbell’s Soup recipe holder i keep my business cards in
-a steel pencil box
-a toy boat a friend just sent from Spain ( I collect toys, you can see the giant case)
-a plastic Eames elephant I often times sit my travel bag on
-My mail and notecards catalogs etc.
-The book I just finished Dancer from the Dance. I never read at my desk, but I always place the book I am reading here.
-A few portraits waiting to be framed from the Barcelona artist David Gómez
-my iPad, iPod, iPhone. Yes, I am a loser.
-coffee! Always on my desk!
-some bracelets I brought back as gifts from the Black Sea last week

And the art: posters of Madonna, Elton John, and Lady Gaga I collaborated with Kii Arens on creating. A vintage poster from Communist Bulgaria (my partner is Bulgarian). A poster I designed for fabulis in Milton Glazer’s “I Love NY” style. A House Industries Alexander Girard lithograph (gift of Andy Cruz). A robot poster designed by Gerry & Joe Simboli (1960s graphic designers, and a gift from them). A poster of SF-drag queen Juanita More! as a Warhol Liz Taylor. And another Warhol-esque shot of Mike Tyson as Monroe (screen-print from eBay for $10!). A Friends With You Lithograph. Another Kii poster-Liza Minelli! And also a matchbook cut to look like the Manhattan skyline by Toby Wong (RIP). Basically, my workspace is visual overload. It is where things that make me smile live. And when Liza Minelli is looking down at you how can you not smile?”

Bradford Shellhammer is a New York Times featured decorator, Parsons trained fashion designer, and old school blogger. He’s Cofounder and Creative Director of fabulis. He created the gay blog Queerty (where he won a Bloggie) and has launched retail businesses for Blu Dot and Design Within Reach, where he also cofounded and wrote their Design Notes blog. He’s contributor to Full Frontal Fashion, Dwell, Sundance Channel and has appeared in a myriad of magazines and websites including The Abercrombie & Fitch QuarterlyCool HuntingThe Huffington Post, Paper, and ReadyMade.

Kate digs BS’s colour spread a la Tyson, Liza and Gaga (Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah! Roma-Roma-ma-ah! Ga-ga-ooh-la-la!). Drags, E-bay finds, Apple products, coffee. As Rachel Zoe says, “I die.”

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  1. designerman says:

    love this! brad, you’re consistent with your great colors!

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