Vladimir Koncar.

“The desk that has been following me since my creative beginnings is actually a very simple table made out of a few cheap parts. When I came to Zagreb to study design the financial situation wasn’t very good. I couldn’t afford to be in one place only, so I moved a lot, slept where I could. Because of that I made this table which could be disassembled and transferred to a new location in no time. I bought a simple white chipboard size 80×100 cm, and two wooden legs. I used to draw and paint a lot then, and the surface allowed me to work on all kinds of paper sizes. That desk is actually the only thing (besides the books that I frantically collect) which stayed with me for years. I made my initial sketches on it, designed first works, it served as a stand to many computers, and today I mainly use it for photographing handmade letters.

I don’t have some special demands when it comes to desk or environment. I’m able to adapt and create my own working space wherever I get the chance to work, regardless the conditions. What’s important to me is that the desk on which I start creating a bigger project is perfectly clean. Everything has to be in its place, geometrically set, and inevitably, the dust must be cleaned. It seems a bit bizarre, but if I start doing a bigger project it is the inevitable routine. It is some kind of meditation. When I’m done with the cleaning ritual, then I’m ready for work. That “sterile” surrounding in time becomes chaos in which only I know where certain things are hiding and why are they exactly there. The whole cycle repeats itself when another project comes along.

In the photograph that I’m sending, besides the laptop and graphics tablet, there is my favourite plant – tree of life. Without it this photo wouldn’t be complete. The plant survived many distresses, but it is still in my working area. Somehow that was the detail which was missing when I made the first photos of the desk in the nature. The desk was photographed next to the river Sava, where I jog every day. That is some kind of my ideal working surrounding – the nature which I adore and a simple desk with few modern tools which allow me to express the way I feel.”

I’m able to adapt and create my own working space wherever I get the chance to work, regardless the conditions.

Vladimir Koncar was born on November 8, 1978 in Bjelovar. In 1997, he started the study of design at the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the University of Zagreb. Along with his work in the field of new media (instalations, performances, experimental video, animation, interactive web interfaces and design, multimedia solutions for museums and conceptual art) he studied classic painting for four years with Prof. Frane Radak.

In 2004, he became a member of the Croatian Association of Designers (HDD) and in 2005 a member of ULUPUH – in category of multimedia and intermedia. Vladimir is also one of the founders of the multimedia design studio Revolution and is a steady member of the music ensemble TrianguliZona. He’s the author of experimental movies and short documentaries. His works have been displayed at seventeen different group exhibitions and nine independent exhibitions world wide. He’s the editor and co-author of the interactive CD-ROM “Tesla’s Day” (along with Slađan Lipovec). He was granted several awards for his work including Rector’s Award, WSA award, TTA nomine. Vladimir is currently living and working in Zagreb, Croatia.


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