Kyle Bobby Dunn.

Here are some photos of my desk in Brooklyn (sort of Vinegar Hill/Downtown Brooklyn). It’s usually bare and boring with lately an iced coffee and nuts – really into almonds and marcona’s as they bring some light and clarity to thoughts and how I am working on music and editing. Usually using two computers back and forth these days. On top of the computer on the desk there is a monkey light and a box of petite rainbow trout which tries to act as my motivation on a day-to-day. It’s just like a warm world to be in with this lamp that I bummed from an old friend. I don’t like stuff to play with or be distracting on a desk.

I got this desk for 20 dollars in Brooklyn from a Craigslist ad. I think it’s probably old school Ikea but it works and has good compartments and sturdiness. My last table I built myself and it was a fricken nightmare. Kept wobbling whilst working and nearly plunged with all my gear on it once. I think a desk is so important, especially a good one. This wobbly one reflected so terribly on my attitude and turned me into a storming asshole and getting a new one was like being able to breathe again. But sometimes I get such a headache from desk life. I think I need a better chair for the desk.”

Kyle Bobby Dunn is a composer and performer from Canada currently based in Brooklyn, New York. His music is of a quiet, reflective, and sometimes romantic, sad and drowsy nature. He creates music for guitar, strings, piano and other classical instrumentation and through some processing and layering concocts his compositions. He has releases on sedimental and his latest 2 CD opus, a young persons guide to Kyle Bobby Dunn on Low Point or check him on My Space here.

Kate had the rare pleasure of listening to Kyle’s music while compiling his desk. She likens the experience of being inside a symphony hall alone.

For a legit music critics take, Kate found Textura’s review spot on…“Tones overlap, blend, swell, recede, and advance in twelve settings that unfold with an unhurried calm for almost two hours.” Minimalist and balancing. Wow, she feels extremely tranquil (dare I say nice?) right now and know where to turn when I’m being a downhead. You a bit intense right now? Kate would subscribe these compositions to you too.

KBD’s schedule?  “I have a set on September 23rd at the Elizabeth Foundation For the Arts in Chelsea NYC and then with Noveller and Loren Connors at Union Pool on Saturday April 28th.”

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