Matthew Strauss.


FROM YOUR DESKSWhat hangs on the wall there?

MATT STRAUSS:  “That’s a Warhol “Electric Chair” on the wall there. That’s the top of a piece of mine on the floor below it that was repo’ed from an ex here who had basically thrown it away to a mutual friend, who I traded a Trova print to for it. The chairs are Eames, more interestingly the table is a prototype for a recent production Norman Cherner table that was originally designed mid-century. That glass had cranberry juice in it I had served a guest.”

FYD: May I requote the ex factor thing?

MS: Yes, you should requote that whole paragraph if you want.

FYD: What is the view like outside your window?

MS: You can see the ESB and Chrysler building.”

FYD: Any other art on those white walls?

MS: In the bedroom I have a Leigh Ledare photo of two russian biker gang dogs circling one another and an Amy Granat photogram.

Matthew Strauss is the founder and director at White Flag Projects, a not-for-profit alternative art gallery in St. Louis established in 2006 to facilitate meaningful exhibitions by progressive international, national, and local artists.

Kate met Matt at his White Flag Projects where she was stunned to learn that, yes, St. Louis had an art scene (edgy too).  Quite obviously, Matt has a great eye.

White Flag recently held a very personal Ernest Trova (1927-2009) exhibition, the “first posthumous survey of artwork by the St. Louis native.” Garth Weiser is currently on exhibit through October 23, 2010.

When you are next in town, Kate recommends the White Flag experience (they just unleashed new hours). Otherwise, the White Flag/ New Years Eve party is apparently infamous (please recall the old interactive Vice Magazine days) and although she’s never been, Kate’s heard tales of peep shows, canned beer and midgets.

Overheard: Matt grills a great steak. To this day, Kate cannot confirm nor deny this report.

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