David Sparshott.

“I have recently bought a new computer as previously I have been working on an old 12 inch laptop, Photoshop is now a joy to use! Usually my desk is far more cluttered with coloured pencils. When I’m working, usually to tight deadlines, I have very little time to tidy and end up with a desk piled with pencils and a sketchbook somewhere buried in the middle. On the wall I have a framed drawing and a dog calendar. The calendar is from my parent’s local car garage. They got it free when they had their car MOT’d.

I also have German flag which survived 15 hours on the Autobahn driving back from an exhibition in Berlin back in February. I have recently moved into a new house and have a lovely view of the garden. It’s really nice and quiet so makes for a calm working environment. It’s nice when the weather is good to have the doors open and enjoy the fresh air and sun.”

David Sparshott is an illustrator working in London. He studied at the Bristol School of Art graduating in 2006. David has exhibited at The Conningsby Gallery in London, Here Gallery Bristol, and at UndPlus in Berlin. Recent commissions include an ongoing project with The Times newspaper, Tropicana, Umbro, and Grant Thornton. David works as part of the TOY collective participating in group exhibitions, installations, and art events.

Kate’s little white Apple laptop lasted circa twelve years. A new laptop is always a blessing. Note: David’s garden view is perfect. Now let’s talk football. Kate’s mate, Nico, once played for Queens Park Rangers and much against the English credo is a huge Diego Maradona fan.

FROM YOUR DESKS: Who is your favorite team?

DAVID SPARSHOTT: Fulham, big local rivals of QPR!

V I C T O R Y  is sweet. So, Kate (in cahoots with her English sister-in-law Donna) recently (and with great ease) whipped out David’s fantastic Umbro illustration, a take on the “Hand of God” incident and mentioned his love for Fulham. A fun day in the flat. Ah, if only there was just one copy left.

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