Jethro Haynes.

“My desk is usually scruffy and cluttered with a clean bit in the middle so I can actually do stuff. It was really tidy when I took these photos. I make a lot of models which can be a messy process. So it stands to reason there’s a bunch of detritus around. I love natural environments which are always full of loads of things and not all neat and sterile.

I hate clean, minimal desks. Usually people are doing graphic design at them which is not experimental, cutting edge surgery despite what they might think.

There’s a big tv which I never really use unless I’m playing Nintendo 64. Which I don’t much.

I really like my plant, it’s a type of Crassula, which is obviously a mix of Crass and Dracula so that makes it even harder. There’s some Aloe Vera too in case the Crassula gets out of hand.

There’s some vodka there which isn’t mine as I don’t like vodka.

Underwater pictures so I remember why I sit at this thing everyday, maybe I’ll earn some money and go somewhere beautiful.

Model making stuff, pens and general art making things for attempting to be creative.

Computer for colouring in and sending words and pictures to people. Some models, figurines and drawings I’ve made to remind me not to just look at boobs on the internet all day. I have a love/hate relationship with my desk but it’s good to have balance. I share a studio with three other people who are all really good friends of mine, they’re a very creative bunch so it’s a great place to work.”

Jethro, how do you stay focused as an artist, you are working with live green? Just to try and progress and improve my work, get better ideas and execute them to a higher standard. When a Friday calls, favorite pints? I like Heineken and Addlestones Cider. Heineken for me too.  Cheers from across the pond.

Jethro Haynes was born in England but spent my formative years in Kuwait which is where my love of nature comes from, particularly the ocean. When he moved back to the UK he lived in Basingstoke and had to get into other things like skateboards and drawing. He bores easily and needs to occupy myself. Also, he annoy himself and others if  he’s not actually experiencing something fulfilling. Jethro’s been making commercial illustration, models and sculpture for the last eight years.

Super spectacular monster visuals out of skate shoes. No joke, this is pretty dope. Coming across the banner page of Jethro’s site garners immediate visual stimulation.

Plus, Kate also gets bored and needs to feed her never-ending attention span (no, she doesn’t have ADD). A friday treat and mother nature. Um, Vans needs to pluck this guy stat for a new ad campaign.  To me, most of Jethro’s work looks like something out of a neo noir Japanese film complete with giant tentacles. Keeping your own aloe vera at bay isn’t such a bad thing either.

Fantastic visual footnote (to the left)Volcananic Island FlyersI designed and built this island diorama for Ministry of Sound’s May, June and July 2010 flyers. A2 posters folded down to A5 – Polystyrene, styrofoam, Super Sculpey, expanding foam, sand, gravel, various stuff, smoke bombs. Photography by James Moriarty. March 2010.”


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