Matt Lamothe, Julia Rothman + Jenny Volvovski.

As told by Julia Rothman:

Jenny She is very neat and ridiculously organized. She saves old glass jars, washes off the labels and reuses them for supplies.

Julia– My desk is basically as opposite as you can get. This is actually a better day because there’s no plates piled on the piles. I was hesitant to share mine, I’m pretty embarrassed. But it was just too perfect to compare to Jenny’s so i sucked it up. I think I work better in clutter.

Matt- Also very neat- but that’s only because Jenny sits next to him.

As you might notice, Jenny appears on my desktop via video phone and I on hers. Since we live in distant cities we use ichat to create a “virtual office”. We leave it on all day. It really functions as if we are in the same room. Sometimes we are talking about projects and sometimes we are working in silence together. Other times one of us turns the music on really loud and we have a dance party from afar.”

ALSO is a three person design company located in two cities. Matt and Jenny work from Chicago and Julia from Brooklyn NY. They mostly make fun animated websites for small companies. Recently ALSO won the prestigious Young Guns Award from the Art Director’s Club. They just authored their first art book Exquisite Book, a modified version of the exquisite corpse game played by 100 contemporary artists.

Julia’s Blog explains the book’s premise: “based on the game started by the Surrealists in the 1920’s called the Exquisite Corpse. Our version is played by 100 contemporary artists, illustrators, designers and comic artists. The project? Ten groups of ten artists participate in the process. Each artist contributes one page to the book. The first artist is given a few words to inspire their drawing. Each of the following artists saw only the page that immediately precedes their own.”



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