Remie Geoffroi.

“I had to work through the weekend; slammed with a 4 illo assignment for the Washington Post. Took the photo, though. This is the current chaos which is my studio.”

FROM YOUR DESKS: A live deadline? Excellent. What are your drawing for the Post?

REMIE GEOFFROI: The Illustrations are for commuters trying to find ways to stay in shape, by capturing moments to exercise on their journey (or as their journey). It’s in today’s paper.

Remie Geoffroi has been a freelance illustrator since 2001. He’s drawn lessons from a wide variety of creative working environments, including a traditional animation studio, screen-printing company, and the Canadian Museum of Civilization‘s creative department. His work has appeared in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, Wired, New York Magazine, Washington Post and TIME. In the Spring of 2010, Remie co-founded a collective of Ottawa-based, independent creatives, known as The Greater Good. He currently shares a studio with this group.

And, the illustrative result of the deadline?

Bingo! This morning, Kate found the Remie’s bike commuter (and a good-looking one at that) zooming under the fall foliage on the web pages of the The Washington Post.  Kate also had fun reading Remie’s blog where you’ll find his Malcolm Galdwell’s illustrations (not, that is not Mr. Gladwell to the left). Remie’s unique in the illustrative world in that he’s captured  Teen Depression, LeBron James NBA Play (an open love letter from New York), Umbrella Etiquette, and various infographics from How To Throw A Curveball to Installing a Facet (after looking, I even feel amply suited to install).

Thursday visuals.

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