Kevin Francis Gray.

He (Kevin) told me to tell you that his desk is like his brain at the minute…a total fucking mess.”

Kevin Francis Gray is an artist was born in Northern Ireland. He currently lives and works in London.

Kate fed Kevin a few questions and although he’s extremely busy, he was able to answer a few via his assistant Jonathen.

FROM YOUR DESK: Are those Rod Laver Adidas shoes on the floor?
KEVIN FRANCIS GRAY: No, they are not Rod Lavers shoes, he hasn’t worked here for ages.
FYD: Growing up in Northern Ireland, did the religion affect your art?  Are you religious at all?
KFG: No and no.
FYD: As an Irishmen, what type mate drinks Peroni? And, where do you walk to get a proper pint these days?
KFG: Don’t have mates who drink at all.
FYD: Ah, “dreary old England.” Do you get a lot done of work?
KFG: Yes.

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