Vanessa Prager.

I’m actually in New York right now, have been subletting a place in Soho… so this is my makeshift studio/desk I set up. There are some new drawings I’m working on, a sketchbook, my laptop and phone (although I usually leave this in another room when I’m working), old family photos, and lots of ballpoint pens. Good to have a lot on hand, they run out or get clogged and weirdly they’re not all the exact same color, especially within the reds it varies slightly between a more purple red to an orangey red. I prefer them heading in the orange direction.”
Self taught artist, Vanessa Prager, has become widely exhibited for her atmospheric and figurative oil paintings and ballpoint pen drawings. The artist has been a part of over thirty shows already in her young career. Theatrical and bizarre, her subjects take center stage in isolated performances where vegetation, candy and toys reoccur, and lurid backgrounds fade into harsh shadows or a disconnected blur.

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