Vahram Muratyan.


Vahram Muratyan, cofounder with Elodie Chaillous of ViiiZ art direction + graphic design studio in Paris. ViiiZ has published several visual concept-books in France. Portfolio here.

Unless you have been living under a cultural rock, Vahram is the creator of Paris Versus New YorkA visual but friendly match between those two cities seen by a lover of Paris wandering through New York’s infinite details, clichés and contradictions.

FROM YOUR DESKS: How did your project come about?
VAHRAM MURATYAN: By simply comparing the size of an A4 paper and a Letter paper. Same use, same object, yet different. Since I was in NYC I decided to start my first series on a Letter format, cut in two.
FYD: Favorite place for a French espresso in NYC?

VM: Chelsea Market. When midtown, la Boulangerie in the Cognac restaurant…

FYD: Favorite Woody Allen film?

VM: Manhattan Murder Mystery.

FYD: Favorite Godard film?

VM: Le Mépris for Jean-Luc.

FYD: Favorite Paris landmark?

VM: La Tour St-Jacques in Central Paris.

FYD: Favorite New York landmark?

VM: Bethesda fountain in Central Park.

FYD: What is the Hotel Costes of New York City?

VM: The Ace.

FYD: How will you keep yourself busy thinking of different visual matches?

VM: Wandering those cities is a never-ending story, ce match aussi.

FYD: Since the amazing success of your blog…what champagne are you drinking?

VM: A Scotch on the rocks, please.

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